"This Game SUCKS!" – Goldeneye Rogue Agent Retrospective Review (Game Development/Analysis)

"This Game SUCKS!" – Goldeneye Rogue Agent Retrospective Review (Game Development/Analysis)

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    Development: 01:37
    Gameplay Discussion: 03:51
    Conclusion: 12:41

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  2. You're becoming one of my favourite creators. 🙂 I recently cancelled all my patreon subs, except for you 👍

    One bit of feedback is that I think you sometimes repeat the same things multiple times in the script so it can come off as redundant on the second and third repetitions. But overall it's good.

    Also this game feels like a bait & switch.

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  3. As a Bond nut it's fun to think of the insanity of Goldfinger waging war on Dr. No.. but the story doesn't even take that to it's potential. The Ken Adam setpieces and Christopher Lee are honestly the best things about it as far as Bond stuff. Killing Bond off so nonchalantly was actually kinda effective too but it's worthless because the whole thing was a simulqtion….? Meaning "The death of 007" never happened like M said? The story is perplexingly told and misses its potential.

    Playing as a Bond villain is also just a fun idea but nothing makes you feel villainous. Bond has done everything Goldeneye has in the movies and games. The whole thing feels rushed and kinda like the devs felt awkward putting the game together.

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  4. Fascinating that this video came out today, I was reminiscing about this game with some friends. I really loved it growing up personally. But I get why people don't like it

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  5. A pretty cool concept for a Bond game. Too bad it wasn't executed well.

    Still probably better than the last James Bond FPS we got, 007 Legends. Pretty much a generic CoD game.

    Then again, that's what Goldeneye Reloaded was too…

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  6. Great review.
    I was initially interested in this when it was first revealed because of the Goldeneye title. But skipped it after i learned it had nothing to do with the Goldeneye N64 game or the film, and that we weren't even playing as Bond.
    Sounds like i didn't miss anything skipping it.

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  7. Another quite enjoyable segment on the one game I have but have never tried!, excellent points made on the game-play! I even have the strategy guide for it & all the other 4 "007" 6th gen games which are among my favorite franchise for that generation. I will have to play it some day as I love early FPS games.

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  8. Feel even more dumb after that title 😂 and the game gets sizeably more interesting and fun if you turn on auto aim and just ignore the cross hair, like a super budget timesplitters 2 type system

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  9. Oh, god this game.
    Back when I was a volatile, depressed teenager, I had my dad purchase this in a two pack with Everything or Nothing. Being an FPS with a unique premise of being a henchman, I thought I'd like it better than the third person EoN, but holy fuck was I wrong.

    This is a poor man's Deus Ex in every sense of the term, and with horrific, cheap level design and annoying enemies. You can't even approach the situation in different ways like in Deus Ex. One of the biggest Kusoges (Japanese for 'Shit Game') I've ever had the misfortune of playing. In hindsight, although I was alienated by Everything or Nothing being a semi-sequel to one of the worst Bond films (A View to a Kill), I'd much rather have that than this. Right up there with Never Say Never Again, Die Another Day, Quantum of Solace, Spectre and the new No Time to Die as one of the worst James Bond adventures ever.

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