The WORST Types of Players in Valorant! ❌🏆

The WORST Types of Players in Valorant! ❌🏆

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The WORST Types of Players in Valorant! ❌🏆
The WORST Types of Players in Valorant: Instalocker, Backseat Gamer, Streamer, E-dater, & many more in this Valorant experience! 😁

0:00 Intro
0:02 Instalocker
0:11 Backseat Gamer
0:20 Streamer
0:32 Stoner
0:46 The friend everyone hates
1:02 E-daters
1:27 Zero Braincells
1:44 CS:GO Refugee
2:00 Exposition
3:25 Flashback
4:17 Tryhard Time
4:58 Reflection
5:40 Game #2 Shenanigans
8:19 Game #3 Shenanigans
9:52 Outro

The first few minutes of this video showcases the different types of the worst players in Valorant. Some Valorant players may consider the worst players in Valorant as toxic players who deserve to get trolled. Other point fingers at the simps who harass any gamer girl around. So, while my video explores the stereotypical average solo q experience, it also shows more rare and unique types of bad players in Valorant. First, it starts with the Instalocker who instalocks Jett within the first few seconds of the round. As annoying as this is to valorant players, it could be much worse and even go wrong. The second worst type of player in Valorant is the backseat gamer. This person ruins every clutch situation where you try to win your team the victory of the valorant match / game. They make noise and distract you while you’re trying to make 1000 IQ big brain plays and hit nutty shots. The third type of player is the streamer who is constantly doing “funny” challenges which get in the way of others. In the video example, the streamer is doing a blindfold challenge which is more challenging on the team than for the straemer. Fourth, the friend in the friend group who always gets made fun of and bullied in a light-hearted, joking way that provides a laugh for all of the friends in the friend group. Fifth type of valorant player: the stoner who is so high he has no idea what is going on. He is confused, his reaction speed is delayed, his aim is bad, and he is hungry for the ingame food!? Sixth type of valorant player: the e-dating duo who is always in a Discord flirting with each other instead of playing the game. Since these gamer boys and gamer girls are so busy flirting with each other, they never have fun on the game. The seventh type of valorant player: the zero braincell, no IQ, idiot. This person gets distracted, and while it may be funny, they never remember to plant the spike in valorant. Finally, you have the CS:GO veteran who does not understand abilities in valorant. After this breakdown of the worst types of players in valorant, the video goes into the story of a few ranked games between my friends and I. We have a ton of fun trolling each other, making laughs, having a good time, making jokes, throwing each others’ guns and weapons off the edge, which all makes a fun and a funny and good time for all the friends in the friend group. After we win our first ranked game despite our shenanigans, bits, jokes, and funny moments, we queue up for a second game. The same funny jokes continue and we continue to troll each other in valorant. I think my favorite joke we kept joking was the joke where we would steal our friend’s operator and throw it off the edge until he would get mad and rage. It was a very funny valorant moment to me because he would get trolled by us. So I hope you enjoy watching this funny moments video full of funny moments between my friends and I in valorant. We make many jokes and laugh a ton, so I hope you laugh at these funny moments as well. Also this video is a little different than my videos “THE VALORANT THERAPIST💖” and “PICKING UP GIRLS IN VALORANT💖” because it is more gameplay-based. However, it still tells a story and is still funny, full of funny valorant moments and jokes to make you and your friends laugh.

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▸ItzDante – @Itz Dante
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