Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Nintendo Switch Gameplay

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Gameplay of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story on Nintendo Switch (no commentary). Release date: November 16, 2021. Price: $29.99 / £24.99 / 29.99€. Game file size: 9.9 GB. Publisher: Riot Forge.

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17 bình luận về “Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Nintendo Switch Gameplay”

  1. Turn based games make you use your mind. Others don't play it because literally, they don't want to use their brain when playing. They just love spamming bullets or slashing swords non stop. lol.

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  2. miss forutune is a gosh awful character and a very woke one as well :/… like bro you went after a tyrant *only* because your mother died, like nothing else persuaded you to wanting him gone at all?? not him killing other people that lived in your hometown – no the death of your mother legit made you kill him, the ironic thing was that her revenge drove her to becoming a mirrored version of the tyrant she killed years ago, it explains why she can't move on after she killed him years ago – any hero character would've been moved on cause they knew what they did was good but no she is still haunted…instead of moving on she is stuck in the stereotypical female wohman lead character story plot shtick ugh.

    anyway the reason why she is a mirrored version of the tyrant was the fact that she had 0 remorse threatening a captain of his own area to forcing him to give everything he owns to her – that isn't how you do business at all, he even bluntly mentions it, and he tells her right off the bat that since you won't take the hint of no i am gonna have to defend myself, – that's what happened. now if thorne was a major villain, would've stated that – no she just outright kills a guy that was just a regular captain of a darn ship she wanted and the way she did was the same way the tyrant did; killed the captain of a crew that was actually shocked to see her kill him….what type of 'hero' is that? no hero of a game especially pirate themed would go that far not unless she is self defending herself, – no she does everything backwards, threatens the guy to give her everything she wants or he dies – a villain would do that, then the guy calls her out that she is not his queen – fortune is so obsessed with being this "great" person but she isn't she is awful, just like a villain is.

    another thing that upsets me is that if your writing a darn character like this give them character development for she can change instead of staying like; saw the trailer for this game, the developers breaking down these characters how the game will turn out and they didn't mention that fortune will change her ways instead just stated that she will have to work with a person who she has a on, off relationship with – as 'friends' – yeah cause that's character development…that's not gonna change her at all she is just gonna get circle jerked by praises from the woke beast woman she is forced to work with and they find out that maybe they shouldn't have been semi enemies at all.
    get the shtick of it – they just failed something so simple..- i noticed this right off the bat with how the developers discussed the characters, the stories and how the characters personalities are – what their goal they should've allowed us to choose the character you want to do the story for not be forced to use a two terrible gosh characters who have woke stories.

    fyi; i love how they mentioned Battle Chasers: Nightwarthe game these lazy people worked on that they ditched to even bother patching it to fix the major bugs it has :/…battle chasers is a better game then this, the story is much more interesting – i have played it but i had to leave it because of the bugs sadly. so if you wanna try something that isn't woke – hoping battle chasers story continues on in game it doesn't go woke – check out battle chasers nightwar.

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  3. How would you rate performance overall? Worth getting on switch you reckon? Love having turn based games on my switch since they are such a good portable experience

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  4. saw the site had interesting lore (why must youtube delete links), will probably see if there are discounted gift cards on black friday to get for xbox as they do upgrades for the series/PS5. Glad they said there's a party, size is too big for my switch lite sd card even with store credit, though I know there's tons of smaller games being released too, though I could make room to use it, just glad credit doesn't expire unlike xbox's bs, which of course when dark souls goes on sale I can easily bypass those expiration dates to get both of these. And of course both target/gamestop have buy 2 get 1 free sales and this damn thing is digital only lol tough decisions.

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