Phần mềm chống vi-rút tốt nhất cho PC năm 2022 (bạn cần bảo vệ máy tính của mình!)

Phần mềm chống vi-rút tốt nhất cho PC năm 2022 (bạn cần bảo vệ máy tính của mình!)

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Phần mềm chống vi-rút tốt nhất cho PC năm 2022 (bạn cần bảo vệ máy tính của mình!)
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Today I am going to be talking all about the best antivirus for PC 2022 options!

Norton Antivirus, Bitdefender, TotalAV Antivirus, Avira Antivirus and McAfee Total Protection. These names might ring a bell for some of you. They really are the best antivirus software out there.

🧨 Bitdefender ➡️
Bitdefender antivirus is widely considered one of the best and I have to agree. Bitdefender for PC has loads of amazing features. I had real-time protection, advanced threat defense, web attack prevention, anti-spam AND anti-phishing filters. Also they have a feature called SafePay which essentially makes sure your online payments are extra secure which I used a lot!

Even in my own malware testing, I planted 10 malicious files onto my PC, to see how well Bitdefender would detect and remove said files. After a full scan, a total of 10 files were resolved. Really good going.

✔ Real-time protection
✔ Advanced threat defense
✔ Web attack prevention
✔ Anti-spam & Anti-phishing
✔ SafePay

🧨 Norton ➡️
Now, moving on to my Norton 360 deluxe review! I think Norton for PCs is comprehensive when it comes to security against viruses. They have AI-powered protection to catch malware, spyware, viruses and ransomware from your devices. I really liked Norton’s Secure VPN feature which encrypted my traffic and it let me keep my most precious files/photos of my dog in the Norton PC file backup.

The malware tests show Norton is only getting stronger with time! In my own malware testing 10/10 malicious files were detected, 9 resolved and 1 required particular attention…With that said, Norton antivirus is another great pick for 2022 and a really inclusive option for all types of users.

✔ AI-powered protection against malware, spyware & ransomware
✔ Norton Secure VPN
✔ PC file backup
✔ 10/10 protection rate against malware in our testing

🧨 TotalAV antivirus
TotalAV has a free version with great antivirus coverage available. The malware test scores for TotalAV show low false positives, and a 98.7% detection rate. In my own testing they were able to detect and quarantine a total of 19 files, including the 10 I’d planted myself. And it has ransomware protection, safe browsing VPN, system optimization and a password vault.

✔ Free version available
✔ 98.7% detection rate in AV Comparatives testing
✔ Ransomware protection
✔ TotalAV VPN
✔ System optimization

🧨 Avira antivirus
If you are wanting great antivirus software and looking for the best budget option, Avira for windows is it! It has free and paid services and their AV-comparative malware test scores are so impressive! They score high scores for malware detection and a low number of false positives. I love to see it! Though in my own testing, it wasn’t the top of the scoreboard, detecting 8/10 malicious files.

What I appreciated about Avira with Windows was how intuitive the user interface was.
✔ Impressive test score results
✔ VIP features
✔ Intuitive user interface
✔ Web protection
✔ Premium mobile apps

🧨 McAfee antivirus
McAfee Antivirus Total Protection! I consider it a totally reliable software and definitely one of the best antivirus services for Windows PC. The malware test scores back up how strong McAfee’s malware detection and speeds are! Through my own malware testing, a total of 10/10 malicious files I planted were detected, which I’m super happy about.

✔ Real-time protection
✔ 10/10 malicious files captured in our testing
✔ Crypto jacking protection
✔ Rock-solid firewall
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02:43 Norton review
05:04 Avira review
06:18 McAfee review
08:05 Best antivirus for PC?

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