Fallout 4 Converting ESP to ESL Flagged ESP

Fallout 4 Converting ESP to ESL Flagged ESP

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This tutorial teaches you how to convert a standard ESP to an ESL flagged ESP. The advantage is that ESL flagged ESP do not count towards your plugin limit of 250.
This process can also been done the EXACT same way on Skyrim SE!
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16 bình luận về “Fallout 4 Converting ESP to ESL Flagged ESP”

  1. I thank you and my ever growing mod list thanks you. I'm assuming the smaller the mod, the more likely this is to work… any other guidelines on what ESPs will or won't allow an ESP to be flagged as an ESL?

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  2. Thank you very much for this helpful video! Now I can continue my vault experiment, which is how many mods can be crammed into Fallout 4 before it crashes and burns. Take care!

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  3. 364 active, most of them larger than ESL size. I guess there's a limit, I crash or bu out every 10-15 min. so hard a restart is needed, 90% Fallsouls' fault, but so worth it.

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  4. hello a query if I want to place the esl flag to an esp and it throws me this warning: this operation will modify the formid of 530 records. Records with the following signature are affected ammo arma armo avif cell cmpo cobj ench flor furn innr kywd lscr lvli mgef misc mswp omod perk pkin refr spel stat weap …
    warning: this will break existing save games that contain these formids and any module which uses (name of you mod) .esp as master and references them
    are you sure you wish to continue?
    Anyway this in theory you can place the flag esl starting a new game? or is it more complex than I can understand? Thank you very much for your videos !!!! a funny video that does not stop teaching us thanks !!!!! take care of yourself !!

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  5. Is there a way to change a mod with the extention of esl, back into an esp file? to many armor mods being converted into full esl files. they load above armorsmith even, andthey are dependant on armorsmith. my game keeps crashing.

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  6. You tube is now not counting likes or dislikes…at least I can't see how many likes or if there are any likes or dislikes…bizarro land in youtube, thanks for the tutorial…I don't have creation club yet but working on it. This will help so much with mods!

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  7. When in CK you hit "Compact Active File Form ID's"
    in a written tutorial on reddit, they said to "Convert Active File to Light Master"
    Seemingly skipping the FO4Edit step.

    Any reason for the difference? What is the difference really?

    Edit: Also, are we able to do multiple .esp's at a time? or just stick with one at a time as demonstrated?

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  8. To anyone watching, to find which esp can be flagged as an esl you can use this script in xedit (A link to the redit post were in found it https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/8rnphy/tool_to_identify_esp_files_that_could_be_flagged/ ) Tried it myself, works wonders, I have a 760 pluggin stable moddlist. But be aware that the game still has to load the mods, so you will need to have a good rig if you want to go way beyond the pluggin limit.


    Find ESP plugins which can be converted to ESL


    unit FindESPtoESL;


    iESLMaxRecords = $800; // max possible new records in ESL

    iESLMaxFormID = $3ff; // max allowed FormID number in ESL

    procedure CheckForESL(f: IInterface);


    i: Integer;

    e: IInterface;

    RecCount, RecMaxFormID, fid: Cardinal;


    // iterate over all records in plugin

    for i := 0 to Pred(RecordCount(f)) do begin

    e := RecordByIndex(f, i);

    // override doesn't affect ESL

    if not IsMaster(e) then


    // increase the number of new records found


    // get raw FormID number

    fid := FormID(e) and $FFFFFF;

    // determine the max one

    if fid > RecMaxFormID then

    RecMaxFormID := fid;


    // too many new records, can't be ESL

    if RecCount > iESLMaxRecords then



    if RecMaxFormID <= iESLMaxFormID then

    AddMessage(#9'Can be turned into ESL by adding ESL flag in TES4 header and changing extension to *.ESL')


    AddMessage(#9'Can be turned into ESL by using ESL convertion in Creation Kit (requires FormID renumbering)');

    // check if plugin has ESP masters

    for i := 0 to Pred(MasterCount(f)) do

    if not GetIsESM(MasterByIndex(f, i)) then begin

    AddMessage(#9'Plugin has ESP master(s), turning into ESL will shuffle load order and hence NOT recommended!');




    function Initialize: integer;


    i: integer;

    f: IInterface;


    // iterate over loaded plugins

    for i := 0 to Pred(FileCount) do begin

    f := FileByIndex(i);

    // check non-master plugins only

    if not GetIsESM(f) and SameText(ExtractFileExt(GetFileName(f)), '.esp') then





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  9. You ought to trim the fat from your video. I mean, it's supposed to be tutorial.
    Don't get me wrong, joking around is totally cool, but I'm used to tutorials being straight to the point.

    I shouldn't have to use the scroll bar to separate the chaff from the wheat.

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