Connect a PS4 Controller to Steam Tutorial | Connect PS4 Controller to PC Tutorial | mmtuts

Connect a PS4 Controller to Steam Tutorial | Connect PS4 Controller to PC Tutorial | mmtuts

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Connect a ps4 controller to steam 2017 tutorial – Connect ps4 controller to pc tutorial. This video is a detailed guide on how to setup a ps4 controller to Steam without downloading 3rd party software.

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  1. Since everyone keeps commenting on these things, I'll just pin this comment so I don't have to repeat my answer constantly…

    The frame rate is ONLY low and stuttery on the recorded video, and NOT in the actual game while I was playing. In my screen recorder I was using the "window capture mode" instead of "game capture mode", which apparently captured the game at very low FPS.

    PS4 controllers has a speaker build into it, and when you hook up your controller to your PC, your PC sometimes switches audio source to your controller. To fix this, go into your audio settings and simply change your speaker settings.

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  2. For those who are trying to make red dead redemption 2 work, you will need to turn off ps4 configuration mode in steam. The game itself natively supports ps4 controllers, and will make the game crash, when using the controller via steam. The solution is to turn off the config whole the controller is powered off, then reconnect once the settings are applied. A reboot, and a second configuration check is optional, but better to do for good measure.
    The second solution if the first doesn't work is to turn off controller support in steam, and using ds4 instead. It will emulate the ds4 as an xbox controller, so the prompt layout will be for the xbox. I recommend the second solution as I have had too many problems with steam's controller configuration.

    When running g sync in full screen with hdr mode on, the steam notifications will show in borderless fullscreen, which seems to mess up the communication between all my drivers.

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  3. I watched your YouTube video but I need help syncing my PlayStation 4 controller and my Xbox one controller to Minecraft for stream I went to the community list but it's completely empty how do I make it appear with different list that other Minecraft fans made this is what it says when I click on the community list


    There are no community created configurations for this game. Maybe you could be the first to publish one?

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  4. Please help! I activated a code on Steam (Ancient Gods part 1 for Doom Eternal), all good, but how can I use it on my PS4 where I've already installed Doom Eternal? Thanks

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