[Beginner Guide] How to draw anime tutorial part 1

[Beginner Guide] How to draw anime tutorial part 1

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At last, i did it! sorry that it took longer, my schedule just became busy after i uploaded my last video, but here it is. the legit how to draw anime video for beginners.
this is just the first part and more traditional art tutorial coming soon!

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  1. @Shidzilla Bro I am a beginner so I am not able to do these drawings one shot, so i am using eraser a lot. I don't know whether it's good for practice or not. Can you please tell

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  2. First time watching a tutorial how to draw anime because I'm just a new as in new beginner and my drawing become already great for me!

    Thanks for your tutorial it help me a lot. Now I'm gonna watch all of you tutorial it's great★ thanks a lot!

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  3. Thanks!
    this should help me create my dreamed Character i had in mind for years now!
    Now i know the basic Fundamentals of drawing a head, Time to learn how to add colors, hair, Shadows etc, aftee that is the rest of the body

    if anyone could help me please send an link on a tutorial that shows me/us how to add an Body to an anime character, if not a normal one will do!

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  4. Shidzilla: ”Now this is a bit harder because we are going to draw the circle in uniform size”
    My brain: Pfft this easy you gotta be kidding me
    Me when I actually try: 😬😅😅😅

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  5. I just can't draw for some reason cause every time I go on a beginner or easy video it turns so Hard I guess I just can't draw because it's just way too hard so this I'm stuck with being horrible at drawing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢🚫🖼🎨

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  6. Hello, just want to say that your tutorials are awesome, I am going to practice with your videos every day, lets see how far I can go.
    Please continue doing these type of videos. <3

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