A GUIDE To Finding Your PERFECT Role In Valorant!

A GUIDE To Finding Your PERFECT Role In Valorant!

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Today we cover a guide to picking your main role, and the unique playstyles attributed to each agent class. Hopefully through watching this, you get a better idea of what your playstyle is suited for, and what you need to excel in each role.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 QOTD
1:04 How to pick your main role
2:06 Controller
4:04 Dualists
6:01 Initiators
7:56 Sentinels
9:21 Conclusion
9:38 Outro

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  1. I started maining Initiator when I got Skye (simply bc of her looks xD) and she clicked with me. Which surprised me bc I didn't like Sova at all. I mainly play Skye, sometimes Fade. From time to time I go for a Duelist with Yoru or Neon, though I kinda play Yoru like an Initiator. Especially with his ult ^^

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  2. I started with sage and now I play 8 different agents, still play sage though. I’m not very good with controller tho. I want my main to be flexible and to fill a gap in the team. I mostly play sentinel or initiator and I want to learn how to play duelist(because I’m stuck in low elo T_T). Also Sage is always gona be my main main :). I know grim walls(sometimes even make my own), rat walls also I use the ice ball to locate enemies because it makes a different sound when an enemy is on the ice.

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  3. QOTD: I started as a Sentinel(Sage) and continue to play her. Knowing now that sentinels are supposed to deny entry to sites I may shift gears and play as an initiator as I’m not aggressive in nature but rather supportive

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  4. QOTD: Started with Battle sage, where I place the wall as strangely as possible in some specific area (mid ascent, as a defense, I put a wall 90° of the mid to market entrance in the middle. That way, I could peek high mid without exposing myself to b main to mid while also playing closely to the mid. If I got a high mid kill, i pushed mid slowly around my wall). Now, I'm comfortable with viper due to less ability distraction/activation.

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  5. idk who to choose because i like to entry and play agressive almost everytime i pick a duelist i bottom frag but with controller or sentinel i topfrag. wich agent should i play

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  6. I just can't make up my mind, duelists and sentinels can be overwhelming as many people can attack/defend at once, but they have unique sets that can help and become different roles. An initiator is good too. Can't make up my mind, HELP

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  7. I started as initiator. I started playing skye and sova but after like 2 months not getting out of bronze or silver i realized it was most of the time because of team. When you play an initiator you are supposed to help duelists open the sites but when your duelists are peeking mid every time – dying, or just staying behind and not doing anything you are pretty much "useless". After it i tried neon which i hated at the time because of the players who plays her, i absolutelly fell in love with her. You can execute a site in a few seconds pretty much alone. Now i am gold and i hope i'll hit plat soon. I am playing pretty much every role now but neon is deffinetly the n1 for me now.

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  8. As much as I want to play them, I suck with every initiator…or at least decent with them. My highest win rate characters (and the ones I consider my mains) are jett and killjoy. I can play decent controller too and found a lot of success with astra and brim, but honestly, my best roles are duelist and sentinel…which is weird as they're somewhat opposite. I hope we get another sentinel in the lineup! I do enjoy being able to hold myself against multiple enemies using outplays and maneuverability.

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  9. A really like playing Chamber, Omen, Kay/O and Cypher. My first main agent was Yoru, but he is too boring for me, so a started playing Cypher, becouse he very useful:0
    After this I found beautiful Kayos flashes. And… That's all
    Chamber is just cool agent and I peek him when teammates allow it.
    And Omen… Strange guy, honestly. A decided to play 1 specialist, but all of them were too… Passive. But Omen… He really can let you to appear in unexpected place, he is not just a smoker.
    Idk why I wrote it. Just… Why not? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  10. Started as a Duelist, switched to Sentinel for awhile (mainly Sage and Killjoy), then went back to Duelist with Neon cuz zappy gurl id fun and i enjoy being zappy gurl speedy beam (r/ihadastroke(?)

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  11. In My opinion a good way to pick role is to use each role in a game then pick which u like most (I used to main chamber but now I play chamber or duelist because I like getting kills but not dying )

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  12. QOTD: When I first started playing Valorant I settled for sage, mainly because her powers were easy to use and I didn't have to get that many kills. But when I got more comfortable with playing the game I realized that I was very aggressive as a player and I was almost always in the front ready to clear the site. I usually found myself far away from my teammates unable to heal them. This was when I realized that a duelist probably fits me better, and ever since then I have been maining Reyna!

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  13. I started out on controller with Omen but now I am heavily leaning on duelist with Reyna, as I'm just better with attacking enemies and doing flanks to take out enemies one by one and control my situation better

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